Comana may refer to:

Comana (Cappadocia), an ancient city in Turkey
Comana Pontica, an ancient city of Pontus in Turkey
Comăna, a commune in Brașov County, Romania (including the villages of Comăna de Jos and Comăna de Sus)
Comana, Constanța, a commune in Constanţa County, Romania
Comana, Giurgiu, a commune in Giurgiu County, Romania
Comana, a tributary of the Ialomița in Ialomița County, Romania
Comana (Olt), a tributary of the Olt in Brașov County, Romania

Practical Information

  • Country

    🇷🇴 Romania
  • Language

  • Currency

    New Romanian Leu – RON – lei
  • Calling Code

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