Marinha Grande

Marinha Grande (Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐˈɾiɲɐ ˈɣɾɐ̃d(ɨ)] (listen)) is a municipality in the Leiria District, Portugal. The population in 2011 was 38,681, in an area of 187.25 km². The city itself has a population of 30,000.
It is located right in the middle of the 700-year-old Leiria pine forest covering 100 square kilometres, and near excellent beaches such as Praia da Vieira, Nazaré, and São Pedro de Moel.
The present Mayor is Cidália Ferreira, elected by the Socialist Party. The municipal holiday is Ascension Day.

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    🇵🇹 Portugal
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    Euro – EUR – €
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