Sjællands Odde

Sjællands Odde is a 15 km long peninsula on the northwest coast of Zealand between the Kattegat and Sejerø Bay. From the outermost point of the peninsula, Gniben, a reef juts some 10 km out into the Kattegat.
In the Stone Age Sjællands Odde was a series of islands, but deposits over thousands of years have made it part of Zealand.The naval Battle of Zealand Point was fought in the seas around here in 1808.Ferry company Molslinjen operates catamaran services from the ferry port to the south of the tip of Sjællands Odde, Odden Færgehavn, to Ebeltoft since 1966 and Aarhus (since 1999) in Jutland.
The modern catamarans operated by Mols-Linien carry large numbers of cars, which results in periodic heavy traffic on the route (Rute 21) from the peninsula, via Vig to Holbæk and then to Copenhagen.
The village of Havnebyen, some 3 km from the ferry port, has a small harbour with eating places and fish outlets. Sjællands Odde is hilly at both ends, with the north side of the central section almost at sea level. The landscape is dotted with farms.
The distinctively red Odden Church features frescoes of flowers and leaf decorations with bird motifs. In the churchyard is a monument to naval hero Willemoes, who died during a major sea battle against the British off Sjællands Odde, and the grave of three British airmen, whose plane was shot down over Sejerø Bay in 1943.

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