Ry or RY may refer to:

Ry Cooder, American musician and songwriter
Ry Nikonova, Russian artist
Ry Rocklen, American artist and songwriter
Ryland Rose, Australian rapper formerly known as Ry
Ry Russo-Young, American filmmaker
Ry X, Australian musician and songwriterPlaces:

Ry, Denmark, a town in Denmark
Ry Municipality, a former municipality in Denmark
Ry, Seine-Maritime, a municipality in FranceScience and technology:

Rydberg constant, a unit of energy used in quantum physics related to the ground state energy of the hydrogen atom
Consolidated RY, a former cargo aircraft of the U.S. Navy
RY Sagittarii, an orange supergiant and an R Coronae Borealis type variable star in the constellation Sagittarius
RY (test signal), a character string used to test five-level teleprinter channelsOther uses:

Royal Bank of Canada (stock symbol RY on tsx2 and nyse2)
Rekisteröity yhdistys, a Finnish non-profit organization

Practical Information

  • Country

    🇩🇰 Denmark
  • Language

  • Currency

    Danish Krone – DKK – kr
  • Calling Code

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