Add places using WhatsApp

by Lukas Juhas on

Today I want to introduce you to a new, very exciting feature that will make your everyday interaction with Pilgrimist even better!

From now on, you can add places to Pilgrimist via WhatsApp without having to log in to your account. 🙌

The Idea

During the time I was building the Places product, I was talking to a friend, discussing possibilities and ideas. In this conversation, he said something along the lines:

"You know what would be really cool? If you could save a place via WhatsApp, like a chatbot sort of thing..."

Ever since he said that to me, it hasn't left my mind. I've been thinking and planning this feature for a while, trying to find ways how to make it work. I'm delighted to show you what I created over the last weeks. I believe it's a great feature and a new, very different way of interacting with Pilgrimist.

Nowadays, there are just so many services and websites that we have to have an account for, remember passwords, and whenever we want to interact with them, we have to go to the actual website, log in etc. It's not an easy process, and it often takes time. Not to mention when one forgets the password and has to go through the entire reset password process. (Thank God and tech companies for login with social media accounts. 🙏)

For Pilgrimist, I always want to make everything as easy as possible, with the least amount of "barriers".

Now, imagine, you are in a pub, your friend tells you about an amazing place somewhere in the world and you quickly, right there and then, want to save it into Pilgrimist before you forget. Instead of visiting and logging into Pilgrimist 🥱, you can now easily ping it via WhatsApp and Pilgrimist will organise and categorise it for you! 🚀

Getting started

Setting up this feature is easy. There is a new menu page in your account menu called "WhatsApp", where you can find steps on how to add and verify your phone number.

Account dashboard for WhatsApp Account dashboard for WhatsApp.

Add your telephone number. You'll receive a link via WhatsApp to confirm your phone number.

Entering telephone number for WhatsApp Entering telephone number for WhatsApp.

After confirming your telephone number, you are all set and ready to start saving places using WhatsApp!

Successful verification message You are all set! 🎉

Pretty easy, eh? Do it now… thank me later!

Saving places

Here are a few examples of how you can utilise using WhatsApp with Pilgrimist.

Almost like searching for a place on Google Maps, you can message Pilgrimist with your query. The more precise, the better.

Adding place via WhatsApp Adding place via WhatsApp using a query.


This part is very exciting for me as I find quite a lot of inspiration for places on Instagram. You can send a link to an Instagram post via WhatsApp!

Note: The Instagram post must be public and have a location attached to it. If it doesn't have a location, that's not a problem; you can later review it in your account.

Adding an Instagram post to Pilgrimist via WhatsApp Adding an Instagram post to Pilgrimist via WhatsApp.

And voilà, it will appear in your collection...

Instagram place added via WhatsApp Instagram place added via WhatsApp.

What if Pilgrimist can't find the place? Or there is more than one result?

I'm glad you asked. There is a new interface on the dashboard and places page in your account that will be highlighted if there are any places that need your review.

Dashboard Dashboard highlighting places that need reviewing.

If there are multiple results for the place, you can choose the right one by tapping on the suggestion.

Reviewing a place Reviewing a place with several suggestions.

In case there are no suggestions available, you can search for the place again.

A place with no suggestions Reviewing a place with no suggestions.

What's next?

Let me know what you think about the new feature. I am always happy to hear feedback or suggestions via the contact form. Also surely many of you will have great ideas of what services you would like to be supported via WhatsApp. Hit me up.

Thank you in advance!

- Lukas