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Save your favourite places

Whether you saw an inspiring place on Instagram or fantastic spot you've read about in the magazine, save it to Pilgrimist and keep places you want to explore in one place, organised.

Save places via WhatsApp

You don't need to login to your account to save a new place. Send it to Pilgrimist via WhatsApp, just like you would be sending it to a friend.

Instagram post, link to an article or text message describing the location of the place. Whatever it is, it won't get lost.

Places via WhatsApp
Trip Planner

Plan your next trip

Take your collection of places and turn it into a trip. Or add places you want to see straight to your trip. Plan out each part of your journey to stay on top of your travels.

Collaborate with your travel pals

Invite as many friends as you like to collaborate on your trip. You can easily add them to your trip.

Trip Collaboration
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